From Lena:

  • These are my stories.
  • Moments, elusive and stagnant,
  • grown through sound, visuals, echolalia.
  • Music, the mirror – words of wound and remedy.
  • This is refraction.
  • Likenesses, images, distortion.
  • Generation Now, Generation New.
  • A child thumbing a flower as it pricks a hole.
  • Friction as past and future coalesce.”

About “Is There Only One?”


“I wish I could say that she is the other woman, but in fact I am. What you see on the cover is a real Instagram photo of the real girl taken by the real boy who inspired this collection of music. She isn’t me; I will never be her. Obsession, possession, denial, heartbreak landed me in a position to write and express my way through a difficult situation. He chose her.

The songs of Is There Only One reflect my state of mind as I processed, questioned, and eventually found peace with such a visceral experience with rejection. This led me to think about the structure of relationships, possession, and how the modern romance is diluted or enhanced by social media. Sometimes the things we do in the name of lust or love forsake reason and logic. We have the most hope despite our knowledge. I had the most hope.”


Occasionally an artist is discovered when no one else is watching, and the fans get the opportunity to hold an intimate secret. At only 19-years old, Los Angeles native Lena Fayre has amassed millions ofYouTube views and Spotify streams, won multiple songwriting awards, self-released two EPs and full length album, and was named an ‘Artist You Need to Know’ by Rolling Stone in 2014. No small feat for an artist doing things on entirely on her own.

She loves the stage and has been performing since her early teen years, regularly appearing in the LA area at Hotel Cafe, The Satellite, Echoplex, Bootleg, and made her SXSW debut in 2015. Lena self-released her inaugural EP in 2013 and last year self- released her first album, titled “OKO,” which has already racked up over 6 million streams on Spotify. Her music has also been featured on the wildly popular CW show, The Vampire Diaries.

Fayre’s latest EP, Is There Only One? is a bold piece of work. The power of her vocals is an unlikely match for her petite frame, but she is in command, and the heavy synth with pop and R&B overtones that she’s created here is an exciting step forward. Following the release of her EP, Lena is back in the studio working on more music to come. It’s safe to say the secret is out.

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