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The Video For Lena Fayre’s New Single “This World”

From Lena:

Moments, elusive and stagnant, 
grown through sound, visuals, echolalia. 
Music, the mirror – words of wound and remedy. 
This is refraction. 
Likenesses, images, distortion. 
Generation Now, Generation New. 
A child thumbing a flower as it pricks a hole. 
Friction as past and future coalesce. 
These are my stories.

Occasionally an artist is discovered when no one else is watching, and the fans get the opportunity to hold an intimate secret. This well-kept secret has been California artist Lena Fayre. At only 18-years old, her talent goes far beyond her years, and she sings and writes with a genuine spirit and a fresh voice. There is a dark yet ethereal quality to her songwriting that experiments with different instrumentation. She is quiet and delicate, yet sings from a place of determination and fearlessness. From R&B to electro-pop to stark acoustic ballads, Lena has a singular voice.

A Los Angeles native, Lena regularly appears in Southern California venues. Over the last few years, she has amassed millions of views/streams on YouTube and Spotify, and was named an ‘Artist You Need To Know’ by Rolling Stone. Lena self-released her debut EP in 2013 and in 2014 self-released her first album, titled “OKO,” which has already racked up over 4 Million streams on Spotify and was named “CD of the Year” by Indie Music Digest. Recently, she released a single titled “This World,” which was given exclusive support by Spotify. No small feat for an artist doing things on their own.

Listen To The New Single “This World”

Listen To Lena Fayre’s Album “Oko”



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